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About Dxn Provisions

Discussion in 'DXN Provisions' started by Dxn Provisions, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Dxn Provisions

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    Mar 28, 2017
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    Arcadia, California
    Quick Intro about us.

    As far as the name is concerned, this is what you need to know.

    Lastname = Richardson = Dickson = Dixon = Dxn = Dxn Provisions

    With that out of the way, you know the backstory on the name now.

    Here's a little bit about us.

    We're a small group of guys that always give 110% in no matter what we do. We've had various backgrounds in hopping up your off the shelf rice rockets to modifying and prepping motorcycles for 24 hour endurance races. If we couldn't procure a super cool original part we'd end up making it. We won't sell anything we don't stand behind and use ourselves. With that being said here we are in the Tamiya Mini4WD world again.

    We're your typical run of the mill 90's kids that raced these cars back then, lack of money and school prevented us from taking it any further besides begging parents to take us to the hobbies shops to test our cars out.

    After a recent trip to Japan for something totally unrelated we discovered the Mini4WD world again and since then (November 2016) we've dived in at 110% into the hobby. Linking up with JT (Mad Tang) and Jan (Z3nBluster) at the Dojo has been incremental to us pursing this venture more.

    We are small and are out to fully support Tamiya Mini4WD racing back in Southern California. We work directly with JT (Mad Tang) and the Dojo to basically supply you with parts and accessories that you can't physically go to the Dojo to purchase. We do not intend to compete with the Dojo in the slighest, simple work with them to grow the Mini4WD racing community again.

    If you have any questions about us please feel free to drop us a line at anytime. Also comments or criticisms are welcome as well.

    Dxn Provisions
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  2. Emil Therrence Mallari

    Emil Therrence Mallari Box Kit

    Jan 24, 2018
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    Hi I was wondering if you do shipping to Canada? and is there a website you have to look at the parts or kits for sale?

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