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MA Chassis Build Festa Jaune Black Special

Discussion in 'MA' started by Eisenhardt, May 28, 2019.

  1. Eisenhardt

    Eisenhardt Box Kit

    Feb 27, 2019
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    Dortmund, Germany
    Hi all,

    Today I could finally try my actual MA Chassis build on my homemade track. The car is equipped with Mach Dash Motor and Carbon plates except for the rear swinging mass damper, which is mounted on FRP plate. The rollers are 6 13 mm ball bearing rollers and 2 13 mm plastic rollers. Under front and back plate there is the red brake sponge installed. Gear is standard 3.5 : 1 with ball bearing at the green wheels and 1 washer at each green and pink gear wheel to reduce axial movement. The shafts are hollow and also equipped with ball bearings. The chassis is not cutted so the car is quite heavy, about 217 gr with batteries. I tried to attach aluminum wheels but it was difficult with the hollow shaft. I ordered a wheel puller and will try it next time.

    My track is around 33,8 m length and fasted time was 8,9 seconds which is ~ 13,8 km/h. This seems to be quite slow. What is your experience with Mach Dash Motor? Which speed can be achieved?

    The other cars are equipped with Atomic Tuned Motor and reached between 10,5 and 10,1 s.

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  2. Drew

    Drew Carbon Fiber Dust

    Apr 25, 2017
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    Nottingham, UK
    I'd say the Mach Dash is probably too powerful for the track which is one issue as the walls are not as strong and are probably flexing too much which is causing the car to dig into the corner/walls. The other is that the material the car is running on is different also, it's card instead of plastic, this is going to further increase friction and drag on tyres, brake and rollers. I also notice you're running the ball bearing rollers which have the largest surface of the rollers available, although that helps with control, it's also going to introduce more drag.

    Ultimately, I think the first point is the biggest issue though.

    Here's an idea of how mine runs with mach dash (Leo):
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