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MS flex 2018 Japan Cup style

Discussion in 'MS' started by ltr74, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. ltr74

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    Oct 17, 2017
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    Torrance, CA
    Seems like I have not posted a car in forever. My first MS flex car was milled last April but not built until October. Even with expert help, I learned a lot about what not to do and some of the parts are getting a bit sloppy(already on second rear section). Currently finishing up some fitting ideas for my second MS Flex so here is this one before it gets torn down for parts. Thanks to Roscoe for the tutorials for many of the modifications on this car.

    IMG_2345.jpg IMG_2346.jpg

    Pretty standard 2018 Japan Cup setup, front pivot bumper, shige style damper system, rear anchor system, 24mm hard silver tires on carbon rims. I also have an alternate set of narrow 26mm diameter hard silver tires for faster tracks.

    IMG_2355.jpg IMG_2353.jpg

    Had some problems with the Shige system shifting on very fast landings into corners so I had to add a little carbon reinforcement to stiffen it. The pivot system works great except for breaking o-rings and that you have to run 13mm rollers. I'll likely switch to a standard sliding damper system except for rocking straight tracks on the new car. I also had some issues with the standard gear cover popping up on the fast/eiger jumps so reinforced gear cover helped solve those issues.

    IMG_2349.jpg IMG_2354.jpg

    Rear anchor using carbon Fully cowled stay. I really like this rear set up, it is very straightforward and can deal with digital turns, rocking straights and acts as a kind o AT system for the rear roller stay. The marks on the tires are from the molds, likely the silver color pooling where it is injected, does not seem to impact performance at all.

    IMG_2357.jpg IMG_2350.jpg

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